Thank all of our partners, investors, and other supporters for their excellent teamwork.

Building Wealth, Future, Trust

“For a successful real estate investment you need reliable partners. We are glad to have them in all the countries we are active in.” Klaus W. Bender, Chairman ACRON AG.


Galaxy Awards 2019 - ambassador – the investors‘ magazine

The International GALAXY Awards Competition honors outstanding achievement in product and service marketing. Eleven major categories include: Advertising, Brochures, Copywriting, Design, Marketing Campaigns, Mobile Media, New Product Introduction, Promotion, Special Events, Video Content and Websites. Nothing says "Marketing Success" more powerfully than a GALAXY Award winning project.

USA Property Awards - Navy Pier Hotel

The International Property Awards are in their 26th year and cover over 45 different residential and commercial categories. ACRON AG received an award for ACRON Navy Pier Hotel Chicago in the Category: Best New Hotel Construction & Design Illinois, USA.

USA Property Awards - Navy Pier Rooftop Venue

The International Property Awards are in their 26th year and cover over 45 different residential and commercial categories. ACRON AG received an award for ACRON Navy Pier Rooftop Venue in the Category: Best mixed-use Development Illinois, USA.

Guinness World Record - Largest Rooftop Bar

The largest rooftop bar measures 4,859.78 m² (52,310 ft² 41 in²), and was achieved by Offshore Rooftop & Bar (USA), at Chicago’s Navy Pier, in Chicago, Illinois, USA, on 20 June 2019. Offshore is situated on top of Navy Pier’s Festival Hall, and from this vantage point at the end of the Pier, Offshore provides panoramic views of Lake Michigan and the Chicago skyline.

International Property Awards, Region: Americas

ACRON AG has received an award in the New Hotel Construction & Design Georgia category at the International Property Awards 2017 for the Americas region in Toronto, Canada. The honor was presented for the design of the new, four-star hotel Kimpton Overland Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia.

NZZ Trend Radar

As part of the NZZ Real Estate Days, there is an annual competition for the most innovative real estate investment idea. In 2018, ACRON took 3rd place in the NZZ Trend Radar with the project "Facet instead of chain" for the 3-star Hotel City Hotel Oberland in Interlaken.

International Property Awards Europe

The "Portikon" office building in Zurich-Opfikon, which has been owned by ACRON since 2009, received the 2012 International Property Awards Europe in the "Best Office Development Switzerland" category. Portikon convinced the international jury that the office building, when completed at the end of 2009, was the largest in Switzerland with Minergie-P certification, good connections to regional and international transport networks, adaptability and particularly efficient use of energy.

Mercury Awards & ASTRID Awards

After the investor magazine  Ambassador  received an Honors Award at Mercury Awards 2018 in New York, the magazine won silver in the B2B customer publications category at the renowned ASTRID Awards.

Swiss Location Award

The Radisson Blu Hotel in St. Gallen, which has been part of ACRON's portfolio since 2012, was chosen 2016 as one of the 10 most beautiful conference venues in Switzerland. In the application for this award, an excellent conference infrastructure was particularly important: the possible uses of the rooms, the catering and the overnight accommodations.


Elyseum Capital Partners

"As Lao Tse wrote, an artist, an artisan, does not think anymore about what he is doing, it is coming to him naturally, as if instinctively, but it is the result of immense personal practise that leads to this second nature. ACRON is a good example of this statement." Pierre Pissaloux, Founder & Senior Executive Officer


Fredy R. Flury, Head of Risk Management at FIRC Vontobel, said: “Our expertise in the area of bond structuring and the access to our broad investor base were pertinent for the success of this transaction. The experience of the ACRON Group in the real estate sector also formed a solid foundation for the transaction. For our investors, we’ve created a new possibility for additional transactions in the area of securitized private placements. We can imagine that, in future, similar offerings will also be possible via our automated online platform cosmofunding.”

Porsche AG

"As a loyal customer and long-standing friend of our brand, you have already demonstrated your foresight months before the completion of our building to regard the hotel project as a unique opportunity and a sensible addition to the Porsche Campus. Afterwards, you and your team remained tirelessly "stay on the gas" to make a realization possible. (...) This shows that you believed in the project and have already initiated the corresponding steps in parallel and in advance. We are very grateful for our trusting partnership with ACRON and are very confident that this will be a first-class hotel and a wonderful and complementary addition to our Experience Center." Detlev von Platen, Member of the Executive Board Sales and Marketing

Innovative Capital Management ICM AG

"The Porsche project is a great one! Typical ACRON high standards." George Tzimos, Managing Partner 

CEPAX Sustainable Solutions AG

ACRON-Event - Sustainable returns with hotel investments in prime locations: "The presentations were very well structured and showed very concretely, using many examples, how to generate decent returns in this segment. The exchange with investors and real estate specialists was also very interesting." Alexandra Tschopp, CEO 

Bellugo AG

ACRON-Event - Sustainable returns with hotel investments in prime locations: "That was a very nice and successful event yesterday evening and I would like to thank you again very much for inviting me." Daniela Bellm, Managing Director  

Investor ACRON Wien West A3

"With these few lines I would like to thank you for the successful closing and the transparent reporting on the sale. I would ask you to pass on these thanks also to Mrs. Claudia Schön, who always kept me well informed about the sale of the negotiations. When reviewing the purchase agreement, I became aware of what a complex set of agreements was necessary to secure mutual obligations. Finally, I would also like to thank you for accepting me as a relatively small shareholder in this investment." Investor, ACRON Wien West A3