Press release: ACRON Group fully places U.S. senior living project with investors for a successful end to fiscal year 2018 - follow-up investments already identified for 2019.


Zurich, Switzerland; December 14, 2018 – The ACRON Group has fully placed The Villages of Windcrest development, a state-of-the-art senior living private-pay facility, with UHNWIs just in time for its opening in December of this year. The total investment volume for this new development, which is located in Fredericksburg, Texas, and features 84 units, was USD 22,000,000.


The project is part of ACRON’s series of investments in senior residential facilities in the United States, which taps into a sustainable trend toward aging populations in countries including the U.S. This market segment, along with hospitality investments and multi-family apartment projects, will continue to be one of the three areas of focus for ACRON investments in the United States going forward.


Thanks to the specialized expertise of ACRON in the U.S. market, which has been one of the Group’s home markets for decades now, the Group succeeded this year in fully placing its 38th U.S. real estate investment, The Carolyn development, with an institutional investor. This top-notch apartment complex near Dallas/Fort Worth offered ACRON investors the opportunity to enter the attractive market for U.S. multi-family residential properties for the first time. Other promising projects are already in the pipeline for the 2019 fiscal year.


The past year was a satisfactory one in Europe as well. In Interlaken, Switzerland, investors were found very quickly for an attractive hotel project with an investment volume of CHF 47,600,000. The NZZ Media Group recognized this project with an award under the motto “Facette statt Kette” (“Unique, not a chain”) for a respectable third place as real estate investment idea of the year. With a placement volume totaling around CHF 77,200,000 in equity, the 2018 fiscal year was very successful for the ACRON Group. ACRON’s clients come from across the globe. Investors include long-standing clients as well as clients who accept the invitation to invest in ACRON’s projects on recommendation. In addition, many new clients find their way to ACRON through banks, law firms, and tax advisors.


ACRON at a glance
Founded in 1981, the ACRON Group specializes in real estate investments. All of ACRON’s real estate projects are based on a single-asset structure and are sold in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and the United States. The company’s transaction volume amounts to over CHF 1.7 billion in December 2018. ACRON’s clients are individual private investors, charities and institutional investors as well as families from around the world. The ACRON Group’s headquarters are located in Zurich (Switzerland) and Dallas (USA) with subsidiaries in Luxembourg, Düsseldorf (Germany), and Sâo Paulo (Brazil).,


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