Investment Philosophy

The benefits of specialization

We offer investment solutions designed to meet the unique needs of sophisticated investors.

ACRON strives to create exceptional shareholder returns on our investments of financial capital through growth in earnings from high-end properties and rising values of great real-estate. We offer real-estate investments for long-term interest and stable income and development projects with short- and medium-term returns.

For more than 40 years now, ACRON has structured and implemented indirect and closed property investments for private individuals and institutional investors.

A unique feature of ACRON’s closed investments is that a separate investment company is formed for each property whose sole purpose is to hold and manage the property already acquired. The equity is placed with investors, who later become the company's shareholders. As soon as the investment has been fully placed with investors/shareholders, the investment is considered closed and the asset will no longer change. ACRON offers investors continuous transparency for all investments and investment companies.

ACRON's investments in "real property" provide long-term income security from an existing property leased to tenants. Investments in secure assets are largely protected from inflation and also provide the potential for a lucrative upside in the value of the property. In addition, these investments can produce excellent returns along with ensuring favorable tax treatment.

ACRON's real estate investments are structured as public offerings or private placements.

The innovative ACRON Model

Successful reputation

ACRON possesses more than 35 years of real-estate market experience, and has already launched and successfully placed numerous investment companies in the United States and Switzerland. The investment properties are situated in carefully selected, high-quality locations in the United States as well as in Switzerland. The ACRON Group is currently investigating the option of entering additional markets.

Transparent investment

Before an investor signs up with ACRON, the company prepares a return and distribution forecast for the entire term of the investment. This shows the investor the projected cash flow from the investment over the coming years, regardless of the actual holding period for the investment property. Extremely conservative assumptions are used to calculate projected income and expenses. Full transparency with regard to tenants, leases, sale and purchase contracts, additional expenses, management costs, risk profile, tax issues, cash flow, and distributions are ensured for every investment and its respective investment company. Potential investors can then use this information to decide whether or not to make an investment.

Management expertise

The process for choosing properties is extremely selective. Investments are only initiated if the location, price, and target return would generate solid added-value for investors. ACRON’s strategy includes investments in land, buildings under construction, and properties that require renovation as well as the acquisition of new and fully leased properties. If a piece of real estate fulfills the requirements of the ACRON Group, an investment company is formed that subsequently purchases the property.

Every commercial property, shopping center or office building requires excellent administration and management, because the success of a real estate investment is determined by the management. ACRON performs all administrative and management duties related to its investment properties.

Long-term income security thanks to existing, fully leased properties

The ACRON Group's investments are designed with a long-term investment horizon in mind and feature long terms and multi-year leases. This guarantees a secure level of rental income and long-term growth in the value of the investment.

Excellent returns

Return on equity: minimum projected annual IRR - Core and value-added investments: Switzerland and Western Europe 7%, USA and Canada 10% - Development and re-development projects: Switzerland Western Europe 10%, USA and Canada 15%