Office and Logistics Building – Buchs, Zurich

The concept behind ACRON HELVETIA I Immobilien Aktiengesellschaft calls for two investment properties to be held and managed. After the sale of the Riedpark shopping center in Zurich in late 2006, the company also sold its second property in October 2008, an LSG Sky Chefs catering facility in Rümlang, Zurich. ACRON HELVETIA I has held the Lyreco's office and logistics building in Buchs in the Canton of Zurich (as a replacement for the Riedpark property) since December 2007. As of January 1, 2009, the company merged with Südpark Zuchwilerstrasse Immobilien AG. As a result, it now holds a second investment property, the Südpark Solothurn office complex.

The total investment at the company´s inception in 2000 amounted to CHF 24,330,500. After the exchange of both properties, the repayment of the existing loans and the arrangement of new financing, the total investment was approximately CHF 34 million as of July 2009. Its share capital totals around CHF 8 million, and the current mortgages amounted to CHF 26 million as of January 1, 2009.

The shares of ACRON HELVETIA I Immobilien Aktiengesellschaft (stock market symbol: AHAN) have been listed on the BX Berne eXchange since September 30, 2009.

Properties in Detail


Legal form

Swiss stock corporation

Address / registered office of the company

ACRON HELVETIA I Immobilien Aktiengesellschaft
c/o Dr. Raoul Stampfli
Rötistrasse 22
4500 Solothurn

Year issued


Year closed


Number of shareholders at the time of issuance


Number of shareholders at July 1, 2015

115 (shareholders registered in the share register)

The Property

Type of use

Office and logistics building


Furtbachstrasse 16-18
8107 Buchs (Canton of Zurich)

Year constructed

Office and administration building 1988, logistics building 1976 (addition and partial renovation in 2002)

Site area

7,527 m² (80,990 sq. ft)

Net leasable area

11,145 m² (119,964 sq. ft.)

Occupancy rate in % of total area


Parking spaces

Underground garage below the office building with 24 parking spaces, 65 parking spaces in the northern sector of the property

The Tenant


Lyreco Switzerland AG

Lease term

12 years until June 30, 2019 with three options to extend for 5 years each, 80% indexing to Swiss consumer price index

Key Figures (in CHF)

Investment volume


Share capital


Borrowed funds