Office Building T-Systems – Münchenbuchsee, Bern-Zollikofen

Immediately after its completion in April 2003, T-Systems (Schweiz) AG moved into the six-story office building. The company set up its corporate headquarters in the property and operates a data center here. Additional income is generated by Sunrise Communications AG, which maintains a telecommunications installation on the flat roof and equipment cabinets on the attic floor. 


Designed to be extremely energy efficient, the building is located in a commercial and industrial district of Zollikofen adjacent to the Bern-Zollikofen train station.


In August 2016, the single tenant T-System (Schweiz) AG prematurely extended its contract for a further 10 years. The telecommunications company will remain loyal to the property until at least 2028.

Office Building Detail


Legal form

Swiss stock corporation

Address / registered office of the company

ACRON Swiss Premium Assets AG
c/o Buchhaltungs- und Revisions - AG
Bundesstrasse 3
6302 Zug

Year issued


Year closed


The Property

Type of use

Six-story office building


Industriestrasse 21
3052 Bern-Zollikofen

Year constructed


Site area

2,906 m² (31,269 sq. ft.)

Net leasable area

7,263 m² (78,150 sq. ft.)
(of which 14,430 m² / 155,266 sq. ft. storage)

Occupancy rate in % of total area


Parking spaces

57 (30 underground garage spaces and 27 outdoor)

The Tenants

Tenant I

T-Systems Schweiz AG

Lease term

12-year lease ending December 31, 2028

Share of net leasable area

100% of total net leasable area

Tenant II

TDC Switzerland AG - Sunrise

Lease term

15-year lease ending January 1, 2020 with an automatic extension for another 5 years

Share of net leasable area

Telecommunications equipment on the roof and a number of service cabinets on the top floor