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Published June 4, 2021 - Immobilien Zeitung






Real estate is an important anchor asset in the portfolios of many investors. The majority of these funds are currently invested in domestic properties. Investing in international real estate is an option for diversifying beyond German markets and for generating attractive returns. The ideal situation is investing with an experienced partner, such as the ACRON team. For more than 40 years now, ACRON has structured and carried out indirect and closed-end real estate investments for private individuals and institutional investors in international real estate markets.


Word has now spread about the opportunities unlocked by real estate markets abroad. Each year, large sums of money flow into nearby markets such as Switzerland or markets further afield like the United States. These two markets in particular are perfect illustrations of the criteria that must be met for investments in international real estate: a stable legal system, robust economic performance, a dynamic real estate market with upside potential, and attractive financing conditions.


Real estate abroad has a long investment horizon, just like any other investment in property, and therefore requires in-depth planning for the future and accurate forecasts. Often, experience in the German real estate market does not translate directly to markets in Switzerland or the United States. The first step is understanding the specifics of each market and investigating the legal and tax framework. International real estate investments carry risks not present in local markets, not least currency risk.


The purchase of a property abroad is a complicated process and one best not undertaken alone. Relying on professionals with deep local roots for help will pay off. Investors can obtain advice from ACRON’s experts on the ground. ACRON looks back on 40 years of experience, boasts a unique track record, and has successfully amassed a transaction volume of over CHF 2 billion in the United States, Switzerland, and the rest of Europe.


ACRON offers real estate investments with the aim of generating long-term interest and stable income as well as opportunities for investing in development projects providing income in the short and medium term. ACRON’s individually tailored management processes and longstanding offices in Switzerland and the United States enable the company to systematically lay the groundwork, carry out, and provide long-term support for investments abroad.


Many investors have already profited from ACRON’s experience, especially with properties in the United States, where the economy recovered more rapidly after the coronavirus crisis than in Europe and where ACRON has identified potential in hotels in the leisure segment, senior living properties, and multifamily apartment buildings. All of these segments benefit from demographic trends in addition to the robust economic recovery in the United States. In the past 15 months alone, ACRON has experienced a number of successes in these segments:


ACRON purchased and placed an extraordinary hotel investment in Aspen/Snowmass, Colorado, on the heels of a successfully completed hotel investment in San Francisco, in which ACRON delivered its investors an annual IRR of 17 percent, and The Sable, a sensational hotel project on Navy Pier in Chicago, which recently celebrated its grand opening. The deal involved an existing resort complex featuring the Westin and Wildwood hotels, a conference center, and a shopping mall with a projected annual IRR of 14.2 percent.


ACRON has reached new milestones in the U.S. Senior Living investment series. The Hacienda at Georgetown, a 230-unit, state-of-the-art senior living residence for self-pay residents, is a new development located near Austin, Texas, which offers residents a luxurious ambiance. The complex under construction, situated across from the famous Del Webb Sun City community, aims to attract a target group of seniors who wish to maintain their living standard in their golden years and have the financial resources to do so. As in ACRON’s previous senior living project, the Group’s partner MedCore, which specializes in developing and managing care facilities, is participating in this new development as well. The forecast annual IRR for this project is 14 percent.


In the multifamily residential segment, ACRON completed a club deal as planned and successfully sold “The Carolyn” property in Las Colinas (Dallas), Texas. Acquired shortly before the start of construction, the multifamily apartment complex was placed with international investors in a club deal in 2017. After just 3.5 years, ACRON completed the project on schedule with its sale. ACRON generated a higher than forecast internal rate of return (IRR) of 15.3 percent for its clients.


Other appealing projects are planned for 2021, including value-added hotel investments in the United States and Switzerland with a focus on the leisure segment and multifamily apartment building projects in the United States. Investors in Germany will be able to take part in the projects by way of alternative investment funds (AIFs).


For more than 40 years now, ACRON has structured and carried out indirect and closed-end real estate investments for high net-worth private individuals and institutional investors. Trust ACRON to be your personal guide — Invest with an experienced team!



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